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Centre for Gathering Live Cattle at European Standards

Acquisition of live cattle for the intra-community trade or export to third countries, following the legal provisions specific to the cattle kind.

We provide complete and proper feeding

During quarantine period, we provide complete and proper feeding of cattle, depending on the breed, age and weight.

Our center for gathering live animals – cattle, is located in Petresti, Dambovita county, Romania, on an area of ​​11 hectares, with a capacity of 3000 heads. It is authorized to import / export live cattle in the European Union and beyond.

  • We work with customers and suppliers to ensure cattles that meet the ever changing market demand.
  • We provide pure breed and cross breed cattles – Aberdeen Angus, Belgian Blue, Charolais, Holstein, Limousin, Simmental.
  • All cattles are selected according to our clients requirements.
  • We offer the best conditions for quarantine cattle, to European standards.